AKL is Zürich's first Bnai Brith lodge. Its members, 160 engaged Jews from the greater Zurich area and more, meet ca. monthly for internal meetings. Some activities are open for our spouses, some for our families, some for the general public.

Our regular meetings are always held on a thursday. Next to these evening programs, we annually hold a friday evening (Shabbat) dinner (usually in January), a spring excursion (usually in spring ;-) ), a cultural day program, and a weekend literary trip (in recent years, our former president Martin Dreyfus lead us e.g. through Prag, Riga/Vilna, and Strasbourg).

AKL is one of the few Bnai Brith lodges which has remained a purely male group. Our spouses form the SASK womens club.

We engage in and support public and cultural activies, e.g. in the jewish communities and other NGOs. Current projects that we run or support are, e.g.

  • the "Hillel-House" students home (If you are interested in renting a room at the Hillel House, you may contact the renting agency Schellenberg & Schnoz AG, Zürich, via email, at vermietung@sunds.ch ).
  • the Carl Lutz-Memorial, remembering an outstanding rescuer of jewish lives during the shoah, for whom we are erecting a memorial site in the KKL's Swiss forest near Tiberias/IL
  • the support of various cultural projects, such as the 2017 jewish film festival Yesh! and many more
  • charitable support of organisations, as well as individuals in need

If you are a member of a Bnai Brith lodge, we cordially invite you to any of our meetings. For that matter, or for any other topic regarding AKL and Bnai Brith, just drop us an email.